Saturday, February 23, 2008

Kamakura 2/23/2008

Today is Saturday, a day for a new adventure. So what do you do on a day off work in Japan? Well, you go visit a city with a zillion Buddhists temples and shrines of course - that city being Kamakura.

I only had time to visit one temple, one very large temple, and squeeze in a visit to "shopping town" which is a busy bizzar of restaurants, mom and pop stores, and sidewalk vendors selling their wares while calling out for your attention in polite sing-song style.

Tomorrow I visit Chinatown in Yokohama, but for now check out the video and a few pictures of Kamakura shown below. Note: I can't upload high quality pics from my hotel room for some unknown reason, so the pics below may look a little washed-out - the real scenary is of vivid colors.

Shopping Town

Large Temple
Temple in Front of the Large Temple
Below, A Second Temple (in front of the Large one) with Buddhist Ceremony

Ceremony Closeup

Ceremony Closeup
Ceremony Closeup
Ceremony closeup
Ornate Barrels Stacked Beside a Shrine
Another Kamakura Shrine
YouTube Video of Ceremony

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  1. Nice one Paul. A real disparity between shooting hikes having minimal people and crowded Japan. :-) Are you given a wide berth or are you treated like one of the many in the crowd?

    Wish I could see it in person. Keep it up.

    R/ Mike