Saturday, March 1, 2008

Great Buddha, Kamakura3/1/08

I returned to Kamakura today to see the Great Buddha, the second largest Buddha statue in Japan. Getting off of the train, myself and a few others decided to hike along a ridge which circled around, back into town.

Along the way we saw a number of shrines, the Great Buddha, and a long stretch of seaside boardwalk where over 100 surfers were seen catching waves.

Below are a few pictures I took along the way. Click on picture for a LARGER image.

Entrance to Shrine Near Trail

Shrine Near Trail

The Great Buddha

The Great Buddha (See hawk flying to right of Buddha's head)

The Great Buddha and Me

Shu Genji Temple - Former Residence of Shigo Kingo, a shogun
who killed himself in 1271 on the day of Nichiren's execution.

Here is a short YouTube video of the Great Buddha

John, here is your picture - it was too big to email.


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