Saturday, March 8, 2008

Imperial Gardens in Tokyo

Today, I hopped a few trains to Tokyo to visit the Imperial Gardens. The gardens were the size of a fair sized park which included the ancient Imperial Palace. The palace was obscured from view and basically off-limits so I spent much of my time wandering around the park (gardens) admiring isolated hidden garden scapes.

Not too many trees or shrubs were in bloom, but those that were blooming were pretty spectacular. The gardens/ palace were surrounded by a moat with koi swimming about.

After visiting the gardens I checked-out the nearby museum of modern art which contained four floors of some pretty eye-popping paintings.

It's still amazing to me how such serene areas, like these gardens, coexist with this hustling, skyscraper laden megatropolis. Such is Japan, and not only in Tokyo, but seemingly everywhere. I am still in search of a town with less than one or two hundred thousand people - I know I'll find one soon.

Anyhow, I did take a few pictures of the gardens so have a look below.

Click on picture for a LARGER image.

Plum Tree

Yellow Blossomed Tree

Plum Tree with Birds

Garden Grounds - One Small Area

Reflection Pond



The END.


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