Sunday, March 2, 2008

Tokyo Gov Muni Tower

Today, accompanied by a seasoned traveler J, I hopped a few trains for Tokyo. Our destination was the Tokyo Government Municipal Towers.

Sound interesting? Well it was. We entered on the first floor, then rose to the 45th floor of the twin towers where, from a circular observation deck, we had 360 degree views of all known as Tokyo; wall to wall skyscrapers for as far as the eye can see.

Nested within those skyscrapers were parks, temples, ancient bridges, gardens, and a castle (with moat) with its own vast garden. For now, here are a few pics taken with a perspective of a wide-eyed traveler (me), wandering around in one small Tokyo neighborhood.

Click on picture for a LARGER view.

An Enormous Interesting Skyscraper as Seen From Ground Level

Twin Towers (middle in background) - Remember 45th Floor here.

A View From the 45th Floo of the Twin Towers

Oh, and here is a short YouTube video I shot from the 45th floor observation deck.


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